• We provide a complete visual assessment from roof to foundation.  Hundreds of components are checked for operation.

  • We have the experience to know where problems typically occur along with their impacts.

  • Test equipment to check for moisture content, HVAC performance and proper electrical connections are used.

  • Home inspection software from an industry leader is used to generate a thorough report of the home's condition following South Carolina Home Inspection Standard.


Roof:   Evidence of leaks and condition of surface.  Chimneys, openings, flashing and drainage system.


Structure:   Observation of performance, moisture impact, proper support and framing methods.


Foundation:   Moisture intrusion, ventilation, moisture barrier, and insulation are checked.


Exterior:   Wall cladding, overhangs, porches, decks, and steps are inspected.

Plumbing:   Fixtures, faucets and water heater are checked.  Functional flow, pipe condition and workmanship are reported on.

Electrical:   Code violations are a hazard.  Service entrance, panels, grounding and bonding, correct wire sizing, presents of GFCI outlets and smoke detectors are inspected.

HVAC:   Check of temperature produces in all modes along with a visual inspection of system components is conducted.

Kitchen:   All appliances and cabinets are checked for operation.

Bathrooms:   All sinks, tubs, showers and toilets are checked for condition and operation.

Interior:   Walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows are inspected as well as lighting fixtures and receptacles.


Grounds:   Drives, walks, steps, patios, retaining walls and proper drainage are inspected.